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I pride myself on being able to anticipate problems and solve them before they arise. In order to execute at these solutions, I empathize, ideate, decide, and tenaciously self-teach. Here are a few of the examples that I'm most proud of. 

PROBLEM: upon shifting to remote learning in 2020, i knew that sustaining attention to live remote lessons was not an appropriate ask of teenagers.

SOLUTION: learn how to create a lightboard, turn my basement into a video studio, and teach myself to film and edit video so that students could pause, rewind, and watch direct instruction multiple times while replicating a classroom environment to the best of my ability.

PROBLEM: my digital native students want materials to be visually engaging. black and white and times new roman will not cut it.

SOLUTION: teach myself how to use canva to make colorful, engaging visuals that hook them into an activity or organize information clearly. BONUS: become so adept that canva takes me on as a freelance education creator.

PROBLEM: after coming up with creative ways to leverage our existing tools to better help students meet learning objectives, i knew that colleagues could use these tools to help their students, as well.

SOLUTION: develop professional presentation on my innovations. create supplemental video tutorials breaking down complex projects so attendees can watch at their own pace after my session. teach myself how to use green screen technology and camp out at my local library to use their equipment. 

PROBLEM: as schedules constantly changed during 2020-2021, i understood that it would be difficult for students (and parents) to know when to log on for remote or hybrid classes.

SOLUTION: create a visual schedule and send to my students, their parents, and my department colleagues. watch as the schedule suddenly appears poster-size in school hallways and shared on social media and the unique viewer count rises to 700 in a matter of days.

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